Use this Simple Method to Protect your Instagram Account from Hackers

Imagine hitting over 500k followers and losing your account due to some form of hacking, ouch that has to be one of the most painful experiences in life.

But you know what they say, prevention is always better than looking for a cure, that is why in this blog post I will show you how to add that extra level of security to your Instagram account using the two-factor authentication approach

What is Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your Instagram account. Instead of only entering a password to log in, you’ll also enter a code or use a security key. This additional step helps make sure that you, and only you, can access your account.

After you enable this feature, you will need your password, along with a secondary login method –– either a code, a login confirmation via an app or a physical security key to log in to your account. 

If you use a third-party authentication app (such as Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator), you can set up two-factor authentication manually for your Instagram account which will generate a key you can use to set up two-factor authentication for each of your devices. Your Instagram key can also be used if you use multiple authentication apps on the same device.


To set up two-factor authentication:

  1. Go to your profile and tap , then tap Settings.
  2. Tap Security and then scroll down and tap Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Tap  next to Authentication App, then tap Set Up Manually. If you don’t see the toggle switch, tap Get Started.
  4. Tap Copy Key below the Instagram key and paste it into your authentication app (example: Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator).
    • Note: You should copy the key code to your clipboard, take a screenshot, or save it in some other way since you won’t be able to access the code again once you’ve finished setting up.
  5. After your Instagram account is linked to your authentication app, copy the 6-digit code your authentication app creates.
  6. Go back to the Instagram app, tap Next and paste the 6-digit code to complete the process on that device.

After you’ve set up two-factor authentication on the first device, you’ll be able to send the Instagram key to your other devices and set up two-factor authentication from there.

For Multiple Devices

You’ll only need to complete the entire process of setting up two-factor authentication on your first device. For all other devices, you’ll be able to paste the Instagram key generated from your first device into the authentication app on each additional device and link your Instagram account to it.

Keep in mind that your IG key is separate from a one-time code generated through your authentication app:

  • IG key: Your IG key is a code that’s generated when you manually set up two-factor authentication on a device and can be used to set up two-factor authentication across multiple devices.
  • One-time code: This is a 6-digit security code you can use for verification.
  • Recovery code: This is a code you can use as a backup if you can’t access your 6-digit code generated by your authentication app.